An International Collaboration

An International Collaboration

From left to right. Julia Daugherty, PhD Student, Psychology, Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain; Dr. Eve Valera, Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School; Diana Wang, Harvard College Class of 2020, B.A. Candidate in Human Evolutionary Biology, Mind-Brain-Behavior, Secondary in Social Anthropology

The University of Granada is teaming up with Harvard University and Mass General Hospital to validate an international neuropsychological instrument to be used specifically for victims of intimate partner violence (IPV). Diana Wang, Harvard College Class of 2020, will be working alongside Dr. Eve Valera, HMS Faculty, and Julia Daugherty, Universidad de Granada, to help in the validation process the English version of an effort test developed to assist in the interpretation of neuropsychological assessments of IPV victims.


Dr. Valera’s research brings attention to the “silent epidemic” of traumatic brain injuries in IPV. While working in the lab, both Diana and Julia will learn about the implications of IPV-related brain injuries through both assessment methodologies such neuroimaging, neuropsychological testing, semi-structured interviews, and a variety of questionnaires. Despite the pervasiveness and importance of understanding IPV-related brain injuries, Dr. Valera has conducted the only neuroimaging work in this area. This team, as well as current national and international collaborations with the lab, are working to better understand and shed light on this very poorly understudied area. Please visit Dr. Valera’s website if you are interested in learning more.

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