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Projectbelieve App

The Coin in Hand: Extended Version is a screening application used to assess response style and symptom validity. This device may be used in clinical and forensic settings to assess an individual’s incentive to misrepresent or exaggerate symptoms. The Coin in Hand: Extended Version is a digital adaptation of the original assessment, Coin in Hand, which has been tailored to include multiple levels of difficulty, a new criterion for symptom validity testing as suggested by the literature (Heilbronner, Sweet, Morgan, Larrabee, Millis & Conference Participants, 2010).

BELIEVE battery

The BELIEVE battery (Project Believe) is designed to evaluate brain injury, and psychological, neuropsychological (problems with attention, memory, reasoning, decision-making, etc.), and health sequelae resulting from violence suffered in intimate partner relationships. In addition to measures for these sequelae, the battery evaluates other factors related to women’s health, such as emotional support.

The Believe Battery will help create awareness and improve our understanding of the areas that may be impaired following an abusive relationship (physical, psychological and/or sexual). In turn, this evaluation will help women reach the help they need through interventions and rehabilitation.